Summer Promo


  • Beware of phantom invoices!

    The practice of defrauding gullible companies by sending them an invoice, which actually is just a price offer, nowadays is also applied to domain registrations. We explain how the scam works and what to look out for.

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  • Your own name as a domain in .vlaanderen, .brussels or .gent? Yes you can!

    After companies and organizations have had the occasion, the ordinary Belgian citizens are now able, starting November 13, to register a .vlaanderen and .brussels domain name. And for the .gent domain names the Landrush will start on November 17. We show you what to do, and why you have to do it fast!

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  • Scotland independent after all? Yes, virtually!

    Just like other regions who seek independence but are not able cut the cords with the central government, Scotland can get a symbolic independence with its .scot gTLD. Something the government, businesses and citizens in Flanders and Brussels soon can do too...

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  • * The .BE price is a promotional price. Starting from the following renewal, you will be charged 41,5 EUR on anual basis.