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This Pack is targeted at professionals who wish to present their activities as well as sell their products and services online.
It contains all modules as well as all functionalities offered by the SiteBuilder Pro pack, to which other modules have been added, specifically for online sales.
The online shop module allows you to select the payment methods that are allowed on your site, to encode your products, to sort them by category and to easily administer the database.

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Available Features Description
500 graphical templates There is a selection of more than 500 graphical templates with different themes such as business, commercial, company, etc. Each template can also be personalised using a large range of options such as the download of personal logos or banners.
Sales module Manage your clients and your products via the included database. Allow them to order your product online and integrate easily a payment method such as Paypal. Set up your online shop without any hassle.
Dynamic forum The organisation of different subjects can be done in as many categories or themes as desired. The management of the questions is facilitated by an easy user interface. You are able to edit, erase, visualize or hide some posted comments.
Search Engine Optimization The user interface of Plesk SiteBuilder manages keywords, title and descriptions (Meta) for each page in order to improve the positioning of the site in the results of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn live, etc.
Blog, Photo gallery, Contact form Benefit from all these new technologies to integrate into your website without technical knowledge.

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