Your website online in 5 easy steps

These SiteBuilder modules are targeted at individuals and SME who wish to assure their presence on the internet without having to invest a lot of time or money. This tool was made specifically to create a website in an efficient, simple and accessible manner.

Description of the steps

Start First of all, you can choose which kind of website you wish to create. You have the choice between our SiteBuilder packages which include the SiteBuilder Personal, SiteBuilder Professional and SiteBuilder E-commerce.
Design Next, you can configure your website layout, color scheme, menu style, logo and banner, as well as set up text elements that appear in the background of your site, such as title phrase or a copyright notice.
Pages Now, you can configure the structure of your site and arrange the pages hierarchy in the site map. You can also choose which additional features you want to integrate such as blog, forum, picture gallery, etc.
Edit During this step, you can create the content of your website pages. You put your pictures online, fill in your titles and complete all content sections.
Publish Finally, you can upload your files on the hosting linked to your SiteBuilder package. That means that all your content and website structure is not only available locally on your computer but also in your hosting SiteBuilder package. Watch out : to see your website online, you need to activate the SiteBuilder package in your Domain Manager.

Free trial

If you are not yet a client; you can test the SiteBuilder configuration and preview your future website now. To be able to put this test website online, become a client; so you can enjoy the free trial for a period of 3 months.

Try it for free

As a client; you can enjoy a free trial for a period of 3 months.
You can create your own website, put it online and communicate it to your prospects, customers, or friends.
When the test period has ended, you'll receive an invoice. Feel free to buy the product if the result is satisfactory. If not, contact us and we'll cancel the invoice. There is no obligation for purchase!

Activate the test period via your Domain Manager

Examples of websites created with SiteBuilder

Visit these websites and discover the many interesting features available in our SiteBuilder packages.