Generic top level domain names (gTLD's)

The Internet revolution has begun. New extensions are now being released every week. The possibilities of domain name registration under generic top level domains (GTLD) offer the advantage to create a clearer identity on the Internet. Don’t waste time and act right now. You can already use this page to register your domain name under several extensions. Check also the calendar to know more about the next gTLD’s launches and pre-register the domain names you want for free. First-come, first-served…

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  • The .xyz TLD: how neutrality can be a strong brand

    One of the most popular new Top Level Domains is .xyz. What the power of this domain extension is, was explained to us by Daniel Negari, CEO and founder of

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  • The new gTLDs: the newcomers and some statistics

    Now that more and more new gTLD are delegated to the Internet Root Zone, it becomes increasingly clear that the interest in good generic gTLD domain names grows. Some statistics are evidence of this.

  • The list of new gTLDs grows each day!

    A round-up of the latest new Top Level Domains: another region for Germany, several brands, and a discrete gTLD for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community!

  • New gTLDs: think green!

    Once again some new gTLDs have been added to the root zone of the Internet. We take a look at the list, and offer you an overview with some rather remarkable statistics - a mystery even, surrounding the new .xyz domain. In short: you are sitting in front row for the latest domain news!