Scotland independent after all? Yes, virtually!

The referendum in which the Scots could decide on their independence, has been followed closely by many - in our own country too. It was after all a test case to see how a region with an own identity could become autonomous in the Europe of nations. The outcome of the referendum is known: it was a "naye", although not a convincing one. Scotland will (for now) remain part of the United Kingdom.

Yet Scotland has acquired a de facto independence since June 13, 2014 - on the internet that is. That day its own .scot gTLD has been added to the Internet Root Zone. Companies, organizations and citizens now can express their Scottish nationality, their relationship with Scotland with a .scot domain name. The Sunrise and Landrush periods are over, and since September 2014 the .scot gTLD is open for all to register.

Scotland is not the only region that is seeking, with its own gTLD, an independence, a cultural identity that it cannot obtain in reality. Think of .frl (Friesland), .wales (Wales), .bzh (Bretons), .cymru (the Welsh culture), .ker (Celtic & Cornwall), .eus (Basque culture) ,.pars (Parsi or Persian culture) and many others.

And yes, even in our own country there is a virtual revolution standing at the doorstep. The opening of the geoTLDs .vlaanderen and .brussels is approaching rapidly. From October 2 to November 3, 2014, for both gTLDs there will be a period in which registration is reserved to the Flemish government and Flemish companies. From November 13 till December 15, 2014, registration will be reserved to Flemish citizens. From December 16, 2014 till January 15, 2015, there will be a Landrush period, and starting from January 16, 2015, registration will be free for all. The difference between the Landrush and the 'General Availability' is the way claims are solved when two or more parties apply for the same domain name. During Landrush this will be done by auction, where the domain name is assigned to the highest bidder; during General Availability this is done on a first-com, first-served base.

And you, have you considered how you can emphasize your local roots with a .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name? Pay a visit to our special gTLD page, and discover all possibilities!br>
Posted on : 06/10/2014