Your own name as a domain in .vlaanderen, .brussels or .gent? Yes you can!

The new "Belgian" geo domain extensions .gent, .vlaanderen and .brussels are nearing completion. Soon you will find plenty of them in the street, in ads and communications of companies and authorities. First the trademark holders could register their domain in these new extensions in September /October this year, afterwards the governments, companies and organizations in October / November, and now, starting from November 13, it is the turn of all Belgian citizens with a Belgian eID card to register their own name as a domain.

What variations are possible?
To be precise, it is your own first and last name that can be registered, no generic terms such as or - those will come by later on. Different combinations are possible, with the first name before or after the last name, and the first name written in full or just the initial. Thus Marie De Poorter can register or, but or is possible as well, or just

Note: because this registration requires your eID card and eID card reader, only a first and last name will be accepted as mentioned on this electronic identity card. If Marie is called Mieke by everyone, or she always uses her middle name, Els, she can register neither Miekedepoorter nor Elsdepoorter - at least not in this stage. These rules apply to both .vlaanderen as .brussels.

What about special characters?
You probably have understood that spaces in names are not allowed. An apostroph is neither - Marie D'Hooghe will have to register her name as "dhooghe". However, you can use accented characters such as à, é, ê. Marie Destrée will be allowed to register her surname as mariedestré

How to proceed?
The registration happens in two phases: reservation and registration. To reserve your name as a domain name, you must possess a Belgian electronic identity card (eID) and an eID card reader. You go to the special eID wizard page at DNS.Be, where the data of your eID card will be read by the eID application. After a successful login you will see a list of domain names where (the initial of) your first name is combined with your last name. Select one or several of them to reserve it/them. In the reservation screen fill in your details to receive a reservation mail, containing a reservation code (one per reserved domain name).
Starting from November 13, 2014, you can continue with the final registration: contact a DNS authorized registrar such as, and hand them the code you received from DNS Belgium. Note: this code is valid for only 7 days; if you don't finalize the registration of the reserved domain name within this period, the domain name will be released and your reservation will be void!

Act fast!
Because in Belgium there are countless persons with identical first and last names, it is very important that you reserve your domain name as soon as possible (and finalize the registration within 7 days!). So be sure to outwit all your namesakes, and reserve/register fast!

When will .vlaanderen and .brussels be open for each and all?
After this period for the Belgian citizens, which runs from November 13 to December 15, 2014, the so-called "Landrush" period will follow, which lasts till early January 2015. During the Landrush all citizens, companies, organizations from Belgium or abroad can apply for any .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name. All applications are collected during this time, and if there are several applications for the same domain name, that domain will be auctioned to the highest bidder. As from January 2015 registration will be completely open, on a first come, first served basis.

And what about .gent?
Besides .brussels and .vlaanderen, there is a third geoTLD that should interest Belgian citizens and companies - especially when they focus on a Ghent audience, or want to emphasizes their ties to the city of Artevelde. The new .gent domain extension is nearing completion too. After its first phase for trademark holders (4/9 till 4/10), and the phase for residents, businesses, authorities and organizations of East Flanders (from 13/10 till 13/11), on November 17 the Landrush will start, followed by unrestricted registration for all on November 24. Are you interested? Pre-register your .gent domain name NOW, completely free!

Posted on : 14/11/2014